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Harrod & Funck
Acoustic Rock

Management Company:Fingerprint Records
Contact:Dan Russell
Phone:(508) 346-4577
Address:Box 197
Merrimac, NH 01860
E-Mail:fngprint @
Home Page:http://www.xensei/com/users/bobhouse/fp/rs.htm

A new acoustic duo bringing fresh and vital sounds. Harrod and Funck resist the sentimental with a careful poetry of images in songs that are urgently incisive and rhythmically hypnotic. "Not since Simon and Garfunkel has an acoustic duo stirred me as powerfully as Harrod & Funck . . . Do yourself a favor, seek these guys out." -- Metronome "Their music is highlighted with tight, inventive harmonies. Like the best artists, they create a sound all their own." -- Performing Songwriter Magazine

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