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Lorin Rowan

Lorin started writing songs at age 12, and spent his teenage years singing and playing guitar with his older brothers, Chris and Peter. That led to his first record with Colubia in the mid 70s with brother Chris, performing as the "Rowan Brothers," and featuring pop/rock duet harmonies. With brothers Chris and Peter he has recorded three albums in the country/rock genre on Elektra/Asylum label.

With his San Francisco-based Rock/Reggae band, The Edge, he has produced three independent records, two of which received nominations for most outstanding independent release.

Lorin is a prolific songwriter, musician and performer. His original songs have been covered by such diverse acts as Jefferson Starship (rock) and Northern Lights (country-bluegrass).

Lorin's latest CD, 'My Father's Son', released by Black Dahlia Music in February 1996, showcases Lorin's powerful brand of country/folk/rock original material with world-beat influences.

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