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Ellis Paul

Management Company:Pretty Polly Productions
Contact:Ralph Jaccodine/617-441-3808
Phone:(617) 965-1245

1996 Boston Music Award winner, Ellis Paul has rapidly become one of the most respected singer-songwriters in the contemporary folk scene. "A Carnival of Voices", his new CD on Rounder Records, intimate and expansive, contains songs that are masterpieces of character and detail. He has dedicated this CD to the memory of Bob Donlin, the late owner, manager and emcee of Club Passim, Boston, where Paul and countless others got their start. Award winning singer-songwriter Ellis Paul enchants audiences with his poetic lyrics and clear voice. He describes himself as a "cross between Bob Dylan and James Taylor." "There's an old sameness to a lot of contemporary folk music, but every once in a while a new distinct voice emerges from the pack. A decade ago it was Bill Morrissey, who was followed swiftly by John Gorka. But right now there's no one showing as much promise as the immensely talented Ellis Paul." -- Union News Springfield

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