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Management Company:Little Nemo Productions
Contact:Joe Bartone
Phone:(413) 582-9903
Address:11 School Street
Northampton, MA 01060

(5/29/97) Here's what they're saying about Slumberland: "Slumberland carries the formidable weight of precision and propulsion on each side of the bar while traversing a razor-narrow path. [They] keep the pacewith flanged and trem'd guitars sweeping into a panoramic swirling white-sand wasteland." -- Jerry Lundegaard, Lollipop Magazine

"Lulls you into an almost hypnotic trance . . . guaranteed to bring out the melancholy in anybody." -- Matthew Bowman, Northeastern Performer Magazine

"Slumberland lies in the early morninghaze, somewhere between reality and dreams. The music floats between several genres, from acid rock to art rock, techno to alternative." -- Donnie Moorhouse, Springfield Union News

(4/9/97) Dear Press & Fans:
We are finishing up a track for Big Bang Production's compilation CD due out this summer. We will contribute "Mother Light" for the project. We are currently working on a new three song demo at Blue Wolf Productions in Feeding Hills, MA. Our engineer is Stephen Billups, and we had Mark Miller come down from Slaughter House Recording to get us some of his signature drums sounds.

Slumberland is a dream-like half consciousness with the sounds of a loud argument spilling through apartment walls. The senses are overwhelmed. Anger is external, the dreaminess within, or vice verse, or neither are from anywhere at all. Somehow it doesn't matter. The mind copes.

Slumberland lives in a commatose small town in western MA. Slumberland is a four piece with Peter Muller (drums) joined eight years ago by Josh Thayer (bass), they enjoyed success in the western MA music scene as the group "Love Minus Zero". Two years ago they teamed up with guitarist Joe Bartone and recently replaced singer Aaron Muller with Doug Saint John to become the decided chemistry of "Slumberland."

Slumberland gets its name from the comic strip "Little Nemo in Slumberland" that was popular in the Thirties. Floating images of nocturnal illusions and thought numbles fit the swelling layers of this bands music.

The recording, featuring Aaron as the vocalist is the result of experimentation and inspiration as a group. Most of the recording was done in their rehearsal space on a single ADAT eight track recorder and borrowed equipment. Using home recording techniques and a lot of patience, they turned a simple demo into a zy track product. These samples illustrate what a band can do in a tiny budget. The album "sleep that burns," their first release, was recorded and mastered for under $1000.

The lyrics are co-written by all band members from daydreams to personal exorcisms. Much of the material is a cathartic release from the events that these diverse artists have encountered.

Putting down these tracks was a cleansing away of old relationships and personal demons. "Heroine" is a duality about various addictive relationships. "Thorne and Vine" uses samples and detuned guitars, and Bartone screaming through the pickups of his '67 vox guitrar.

Underneath the songs are often looped layers of guiatars and sound effects to create an undercoat of mood. The band's love of 60's psychadelia gave way to the use of B3 organs, wah-wah guitar and sonic amp distortion.

"Sleep that Burns" borrows samples from the movie "Bar Fly" by Charles Bukowski, a favorite of the band. Hope you enjoy.

Northeastern Performer Magazine: Latest Review is Out!
Slumberland - "Sleep that Burns"
7 Song Cassette
Recorded at Gargoyle Studios, Northampton, MA by Alan Miller

"Ever listen to a piece of music that slowly breaks down your pre-conceptions, and slowly lulls you into an almost hypnotic trance? Ok, besides chanting monks. Well, that was the feeling I got while listening to 'Sleep That Burns,' a cassette from a Northampton - based group called Slumberland."

"The band's material can best be described as a blend of alternative rock, some remnants of 60's psychedelic music and mainstream groups like U2."

"Anyways, back to business. 'Heroine' was my favorite. A quiet, somber groove beckons you into comlacency during the verse, only to be slapped back to reality during the guitar-heavy chorus. I liked the tun's dark and foreboding quality."

"'Rosaries and Chains' was similar to "Heroine," but sounded like a U2 tune, circa `87-90. Again, a nice dark quality was prevalent throughout."

"'Sleep That Burns' is a good listen. Guaranteed to bring out the melancholy in anybody."
- Matthew Bowman, Northeast Performer Slumberland has changed their name to JO check out their new page on the e-guide band guide!

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