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Bud E. Luv

Mr. Luv's storied career is so widely known that it's not necessary for us to go into detail. Quite simply, the man who was born Bud Euripides Luvalopolis, jr. has gone on to write every song of consequence in the history of show business, in addition to launching the careers of its most famous names. Some critics see him as sendup of the quintessential lounge singer, but only Bud's desire is to bring the true heart and soul of Las Vegas to America and the world.

In his shows, he reveals how he gave Sammy, Wayne, Dean, Tom and even Frank himself their first big break - and then goes on to sing their career-launching songs with such power that it is easy enough for us to note their shameless copies.

Last April, Mr. Luv appeared in an appropriatively lavish nationally-aired Snapple televison commercial directed by Spike Lee. It's impact was swift and decisive - the president of the company was fired. Now he returns with the new CD, The Fabulous Bud E. Luv Recorded Live at Sonia & Harvey Cohen's Famed Catacombs Resort - with Special Guest Harvey's Cash Register.

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