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Hard rock

Management Company:Wildebeest Records
Contact:Carla Buffa
Phone:(201) 418-0302
Address:P.O. Box 5045
Hoboken, NJ 07030
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Earthwurm are Carla Buffa (vocals, guitar), Sheryl Bailey (bass guitar), and Allison Miller (drums).

Singer/songwrtiter Carla Buffa is the driving force behind Earthwurm's heavy, melodic guitar-based trio. She is a commanding guitarist, riveting vocalist and mesmerizing performer. Earthwurm's sound is a mix of abrasive guitars, slinky, seductive melodies and gut-laden wails layered on a songwriting style that is primal, sophisticated and truly unique. Earthwurm's individuality ignites from the musical strength of it's players joined with the lucid fantasies of Carla's lyrical vision. Vocally, Carla captivates the audience with a dynamic that ranges from a whisper to a roar, a murmur to a scream and a sultry sweetness that drenches you with her imaginary and sometimes real world.

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