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The Pills

Phone:(617) 351-2591
Address:P.O. Box 15522 Kenmore Station
Boston, MA 02215

Unlike many other popular beat groups from Boston, The Pills are not, in fact, popular. They are, nevertheless, a beat group from Boston, and bless their cotton socks, some day they will be popular!

The Pills are a new band founded by bassist/vocalist Corin Ashley (formerly of Atlas Shrugged) and David Thompson (ex-BeBe Gallini singer/guitarist). Upon demise of their former bands, the two of them got together over drinks and spoke of their desire to play a different kind of pop. A faster and louder kind of pop. They drank to their new found success only to realize that they would need other musicians.

Serendipitiously (ahem) they found chance guitarist Cory "Clyde" Harding emerging from a dumpster behind The Rat. Immediately the three of them proceeded to make much noise and leap about with wild abdomen. Again, though, the sinking realization that a drummer would be vital to complete the band. After much searching they discovered that one was already there in the person of John "Don't call me boy" Walton. He was welcomed with open sores.

The Pills music is an up-tempo melange of diverse influenza. Strains of The Kinks, XTC, The English Beat, Velvet Crush, and The Small Faces waft in between random snippets of guitar esoterica. The Pills have been garnering rave reviews for their sound and sharing stages with friends and contemporaries like The Figgs, Tracy Bonham, Letter to Cleo, The Fleshtones, and pop legend Tommy Keene. The Pills currently appear on the Newbury Comics compilation CD of Boston's finest bands entitled "Wicked Deluxe." The band has also been chosen as a finalist in Musician Magazine's "Best unsigned band contest."

The Pills will be appearing soon at a dive near you!

The lively power pop of the first tune belies their name-it's like White Music-era XTC crossed with More Songs-era Talking Heads with a dollop of Dickies thrown in for seasoning. "Hobby Horse" wouldn't sound bad next to The only Ones or Sister Lovers or "(Please) Go All the Way" by Eric Carmen & The Raspberries, or even "Wendy" by Tandyn Aylmer's pals The Association. It's a song Elvis Costello should have written byut didn't . . . The refrain to "Hobby Horse" is a stroke of pop genius, and for that reason alone I'm forced to designate this as my pick for tape of the month.
-- The Noise, Nov. '95

The Pills show place #1 in the Top 20 favorite songs and tapes for 1995.
The Noise, Feb. '96

The Pills win "Song of the Month" for May '96.
The Noise, May '96

3-Song Demo
Recorded at Zippah Studios, Brookline, MA, by Pete Weiss

The Pills have been getting quite a number of raves in the local press lately and after listening to "The Pills", I can see why. This new band features ex-members of Atlas Shrugged and BeBe Galani, Very Very hi-energy, a big influence and an even bigger euro-post punk thing going on. All three songs here, "All That Way", "Molly", and "Hobby Horse", are winners. Great Production and guitar sounds courtesy of Pete Weiss over at Zippah. I also hear that these "beat" guys put on a really energetic live show.
-- Northeast Performer, The Independent Musicians Resource Guide

The Pills were called the Penny Dreadfuls until a couple of weeks ago, when another set of Penny Dreadfuls threatened to have their lawyer beat these guys up. They're descended from Atlas Shrugged, a polished pop band who deserved more local attention than they got. The Pills' sound is more new-wave-ish, meaning a little goofier and more hyper. The opener "All That Way" sets smooth harmonies against a fast, almost-ska shythm and an original take on girlfriend-awareness: "I got a pebble in my shoe/I'd take it out but it reminds me of you/Small and kinda perfect, I'm digging it with every step." That friends, is a clever metaphor. I get the impression htat the band thoroughly enjoyed making this tape - from the goofy shouts at the end of "Molly" to the way they can't slow down even when playing a ballad. I enjoyed it too.
-- The Boston Phoenix, March 15-21, 1996

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