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Throat Singers of Tuva
World Music

The Throat Singers of Tuva perform the fascinating and rarely heard vocal technique known as Khoomei.

In this style, referred to in the West as throat or overtone singing, a single musician produces two or three notes simultaneously: a held bass drone and a high-pitched flute-like or whistle-like melody composed of harmonics or overtones. Called Huun Huur Tu in their native Tuva, an independent republic bordering Siberia and Outer Mongolia, the four-member ensemble presents the subtly diverse traditional styles of Khoomei along with traditional Tuvan stringed instruments including: igil (vertical fiddle), doshpulur (a banjo-like lute), byzaanchi (a cello-like bowed instrument), Khomus (the Tuvan jaw-harp) and a frame drum from shaman rituals.

The Throat Singers of Tuva have become a Boston favorite and have sold out all of their Boston concerts.

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