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The Lemmings

Management Company:Visceral Music
Contact:Chris Marsh
Phone:(617) 566-3526
Address:9 Addington Road
Brookline, MA 02146

Conceptualizing melodies with wide mark scopes, going from clear pop to alternative rock sharpness, the Lemmings add plain and pure lyrics, mostly written by the band's frontman, Eric Del Castillo. Formed in 1998 in Tampa, FL, with a lineup consisting of Del Castillo (vocals, guitar), Fish (bass), Michael Kusheba (guitar), and Richard Belinc (drums), the Lemmings have securely assembled a loyal and active fan base. Castillo and drummer Belinc first met at a young age, both developing a special relationship with music and ultimately becoming the founding duo of the Florida band. After playing around the Tampa club scene for several months, gaining considerable recognition, the Lemmings entered the studio to record their debut album. Follow hit the record stores in 2000, receiving significant acclaim, and opening the path for yet another full touring season. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges , All Music Guide

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