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Management Company:The Enclave (record label)
Address:936 Broadway
New York, NY 10010
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Drain was the ambient techno alias of King Coffey, better known as the drummer of the Butthole Surfers. Born in 1964, Coffey joined the Butthole Surfers in 1983, and began Drain in 1992 with the LP Pick Up Heaven, which -- despite the presence of samples and drum machines -- explored more traditional guitar-rock ground. However, with the project's second effort, 1996's Offspeed and In There (released on the indie label Trance Syndicate, a company owned and operated by Coffey in his native Austin, Texas), Drain took the plunge into experimental dance music, fusing hip-hop and trance beats with an eclectic collage of samples and influences. Jason Ankeny

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