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The Ostrich Farm

Management Company:Woodpecker Hollow Farm
Contact:Tony Jillson
Phone:(413) 628-3805
Address:949 Spruce Corner Road
Ashfield, MA 01330

THE OSTRICH FARM plays a unique blend of tribal industrial hip-hop. The group consists of St. Mix on Vocals, Guitar and Drum Machine; Captain Radio X on Vocals, Bass, and Keyboards; and Some Guy on Drums (the prodigal drummer, back from his cross-country tour with Dieselmeat.

The band has just completed recording a new 4 song demo of original material. Therecordings were made at Slaughterhouse Studio in Amherst and feature the above musicians aided and abetted by: Naked Man (a.k.a. Dave Noonan, formerly of The Equalites) on percussion; Ellen Cross (truly amazing local singer-songwriter/bandleader) on backing vocals; and Mark Miller who engineered and lent his own creative touch to the project.

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