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El Dopa
Hard rock

Management Company:Conscience Records
Phone:(212) 929-6383
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EL DOPA is the brain child of singer-songwriter Krishna Venkatesh, the former programmer, keyboardist, and sample man for Think Tree. Backed by a vicious rhythm section and a range infested guitarist (who happens to be Venkatesh's brother Arun).

EL DOPA is a formidable hard rockin' band. United In States of Narcolepsy is the group's debut effort offering 11 tracks loaded with heavy grooves, crunchy rhythms, and twisted melodies that are all electronically manipulated. Tracks such as "You've Become Their Lies" and "Too Much Testosterone" showcase Venkatech's excellent sampling skills and the band's harrowing aggressive low-end sound. If electronic hard rock turns your knob, turn on the EL DOPA.

United In States of Narcolepsy was co-produced and engineered by Lamar Lowder, whose recent projects include the Angelscore album by Chainsuck (TVT Records), Plant A Tree Or Die from fellow Bostonians Tree (Cherry Disc Records) and Gapu the forthcoming album from Yothu Yindi on Hollywood Records.

For further information on EL DOPA and United In States of Narcolepsy contact Conscience Records via your favorite communication medium of those listed at the top of this page!

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