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John Porcino

John Porcino, is a nationally known musician and gatherer of tall, hand-me-down and home-spun tales from all over the world.From the Brazilian rainstick to cello, African drums and an Appalachian bounding man, John uses instruments from around the world and a "voice of many accents" to breath life and humor into characters and events from many cultures. In his storytelling he combines his love for music with a message of caring for our fellow humans and respecting our envirionment.

"For John, storytelling and singing are ways of celebrating our common humanity and building bridges of understanding beteween all people." His performances are celebrations of humanity, sparked to life with warmth, humor, a playful touch of audience participation, and music. A resident of Amherst, Massachusetts, John has performed many thousands of people from Kansas to Maine and has held Amherst pre-schoolers spellbound. He is also the co-editor of Spinning Tales, Weaving Home: Stories of Piece, Justice and the Environment and has contrbuted to the book Joining in: Audience Participation Tales and to "Yardspinner" and "Storytelling" magazines which are published by the National Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling (NAAPS). And he teaches storytelling nationwide.

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