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The Delta 72

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Call them R&B's equivalent to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; the Delta 72 play revved-up indie rock with less influence from original R&B than the helter-skelter mayhem of '60s garage rock (complete with Farfisa organ break-downs) and blues-based punk. Formed in mid-1994 by vocalist and guitarist Gregg Foreman with drummer Benjamin Azzara and organist Sarah Stolfa, the Delta 72 added bassist Kim Thompson (from Cupid Car Club) and began touring the East Coast and Midwest. The group's first single, "On the Rocks," was jointly released by Dischord and Kill Rock Stars in June 1995. Early the following year, the Delta 72 recorded The R&B of Membership with new drummer Jason Kourkounis (formerly of Mule), and released the album on the Touch & Go label. After its release, Bruce Reckahn (of the Goats) replaced Thompson on bass. Midway through 1997, the band issued its second album, The Soul of a New Machine. 000 followed three years later. John Bush

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