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Sax Myle
Hard rock

Management Company:Frozen Sky Records
Contact:Jeff D. Hail
Address:P.O. Box 27104
Tulsa, OK 74149
Home Page:

SAX MYLE`s FROZEN SKY RECORDS release: "Sax Myle - the Iris Whitefly Project" is an eleven track cross-genre collection of music and tale. Drawn from their archives of material, some dating back to 1991, I.W.P. is a woven tapestry of beatnik and metal overtones against an ever present and haunting ambience. Todd Craven of "Open Up and Say..." Ezine says, "Sax Myle has excellent production standards and really terrific packaging. "the Iris Whitefly Project" is more than a great album; it`s a listening experience."

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