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Nashville Pussy
Hard rock

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Now that Kiss finally seem to be riding off into the sunset for the last time, the cartoon-metal throne is up for grabs for the first time in a quarter-century -- and it's hard to imagine anyone beating this stomp-adelic quartet to that pinnacle. Borrowing sonics from AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd and attitude from the Dictators and the aforementioned masked marvels, Nashville Pussy can elicit high-fives and middle fingers with equal aplomb. From the opening riffs of "Struttin' Cock" (which updates "We're an American Band" with a decidedly post-millennial offer to "piss all over your town") through the Hell's Angel prom theme "Wrong Side of the Gun," growling singer Blaine Cartwright corners listeners who'll likely be unsure as to whether they should laugh or hand over their wallets. There are clues pointing to the former option -- such as the cheerleader-styled chanting that punctuates "Piece of Ass" -- but the unrelenting bad attitude of the greasy riffing and primordial rhythms offers just enough conflicting evidence. If they were half as messed up as such songs as the garage-rocker "She's Got the Drugs" would have you believe, Nashville Pussy would never be able to find their car keys, much less the recording studio, but those guessing games are half the fun. David Sprague

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