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The Slip

An early fusion entry into the jam bands scene, the Slip's sparse sound varies greatly from recording to recording and show to show, relying mostly on changes in room feel to dictate the shape of the music. The band's self-proclaimed mission is to "bring jazz back to the dance hall." Founded in the early '90s at the Tabor Academy, a New England boarding school, the original lineup of the Slip featured none of its current members nor any of its repertoire. Originally a classic rock cover band, the Slip -- including guitarist Jon Myers -- was eventually joined by the Barr brothers: Brad Barr on guitar and vocals and Andrew Barr on drums and percussion. After Brad's graduation in 1995, Andrew met up with bassist Marc Friedman in one of the school's jazz ensembles. When Brad returned from Colorado a year later, he began to play out with Myers, Friedman, and Andrew, concentrating mostly on original fusion-based material. Gradually, Myers phased out and the remaining trio enrolled at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. As the band grew, members dropped out of Berklee to concentrate on playing professionally. By 1996, they had refined their original sound into a finely honed stripped-down version of the minimalist psychedelic jazz found on Miles Davis' seminal Bitches Brew. Following the recording of their self-released debut, From the Gecko in 1996, the band began its cycle of nearly perpetual touring. Through constant gigging, the band won many supporters among fans and fellow musicians. Following a trip to Africa, Andrew introduced a wide array of exotic percussion into his setup, which notably expanded the band's textural palette. The band would often begin its performances with nearly silent improvisations, invocations, based around Brad's percussion. During a stint on the tour in the spring of 1999, Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks saw the band in concert. After jamming with them, he signed the band to his new Flying Frog Records imprint. Later that summer, they recorded Does, which was released a year later, in the summer of 2000. Through various trips to the west coast, the band found musical compadres in Seattle's the Living Daylights, with whom they collaborated with on a release titled Live at High Sierra credited to the Slipping Daylights. Recorded in Phish's barn, The Slip issued Angels Come On Time in summer 2002. ~ Jesse Jarnow, All Music Guide

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