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Paved Country

Sarah Mendelsohn and Marjie Alonso sing like they grew up together. They practically did. They went to the same high school, but didn't start singing together until their first year of college at U-Mass. Marjie had a very small room she shared with a juvenile delinquent slut of a roommate who was always bringing in guys to frolic in the middle of the night. Sarah's roommate was, apparently, the psychotic love child of a line backer and the Easter bunny. But Sarah's room was really big. So Marjie and Sarah would get together in the really big room, singing songs, playing guitar, and trying to ignore the giant psychotic Easter bunny hopping around and interrupting. Several years later, all grown up, still musically inclined, and no longer distracted by roommates, Marjie and Sarah decided to make a demo. With the help of Telecaster hotshot Jim Scoppa, formerly of The Merles and T.H. and the Wreckage, they put together a group of musicians and headed to Mortal Music recording studio in Charlestown, MA. There they met owner Andy Pinkham and formed Paved Country.

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