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The Radiators

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This is one of the all-time best band names. Punk rockers from Dublin, the Radiators played, like a lot of bands did at the time, fast, loud, and gnarly rock & roll. They never made it big (not even in punk circles), only recorded two records (the second one, Ghostown, is only OK), and were a dead issue by 1979. What caused their demise? No one knows for sure; bands like the Radiators came and went so quickly in the early days of punk (raise your hands, all those who remember the Cortinas) that this year's model quickly became yesterday's news. That's the way it is in rock & roll, but too often that means that good bands like the Radiators were given far less notice than they deserved. The Radiators most "famous" member is Philip Chevron, who went on to play guitar and write some fine songs for the Pogues. John Dougan

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