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Pee Wee Fist

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The Pee Wee Fist (named for a Hong Kong martial arts film featuring a three foot tall ninja) has been "kicking" around since 1995. It's the name singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Fitzpatrick has utilized whether he was playing solo or corralling numerous others to learn his songs ad hoc for various gigs in and around Boston. Eventually the same musicians kept showing at these shows, becoming the current band line-up of six. Cassettes documenting their lo-fi "studio" efforts followed, capped off by Breathing Apparatus, a 15-song CD-R released on the occasion of the band's third anniversary show. This CD brought them to the attention of Kimchee Records, who recently released the band's first "official" CD, Flying, to rave reviews. The record is a textural rainbow of sound endowed with enigmatic and whimsical imagery. The mood changes with every song. Some convey a sadder, simpler acoustic aesthetic; others rollick or sway with mulit-instrumental fervor. Through it all is the element of surprise, as Fitzpatrick and company expertly steer us around indie-rock clich‚ while employing some of the genre's formal styles (i.e. alt-country, slack-pop, classic and post-rock, etc.) to achieve something remarkably singular.

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