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Super 400

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Super400, the story... In the mid 1990's, Super 400 guitarist Kenny Hohman and drummer Joe Daley left their hometown of Troy, NY - where they had been playing together since high school - to try and find a bass player, round out their band, and test their mettle. They ended up settling in New York City for a while, and once they found a temporary bassist, decided to move the operation to Woodstock, NY. After a rough winter in the woods, Kenny and Joe returned to Troy, continuing to write, and playing shows with a local bassist. Since finishing college, Lori Friday had been spending her time playing with various bands in Albany NY, but never feeling like she fit in musically with the bands she was playing with. In early 1996, she saw Kenny and Joe play at a blues jam in town, and approached Kenny about joining a band she had started to put together. He told her that his band, Super 400, was playing the following week, and that she should check them out. After she saw them perform that next week, Lori told Kenny to forget her offer; she was so impressed with the band, she thought they should keep on with Super 400. A couple weeks later, Kenny and Joe invited Lori to their rehearsal space for a casual jam; within the space of an hour, Super 400 had a new bassist. They didn't expect anything special to happen when they got together that day, but their chemistry sparked the birth of a musical family that remains tightly bonded to this day. They immediately got to work. Between a steady rotation of shows, the band finished writing material for their debut album. They released 'Super 400', on Cacophone/Island Records, in 1998. The album was a critical success for the band, and they began a summer of successful live shows and favorable acclaim. The stage was and still is home base for the band. No two shows have ever been the same, as the natural feel of Super 400 relies on instinct and improvisation. The band has always been characterized by reviewers as 'retro', often comparing their live shows to those of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Cream, if those bands had drank a couple shots of Rage Against the Machine. A 'psychedelic acid-trip' has described the experience one would have from seeing one of Super 400's live shows. The band interprets this image their own way, interspersing 3-minute pop songs, soulful ballads, and crunchy, nasty interludes. Shows are getting popular with 'tapers'; recordings of Super 400 performances have been heard around the world, giving traders a high-octane alternative. Super 400 has been writing and demoing new songs since the release of their debut album. With enough completed material to fill two more records, they are looking forward to the summer, when the recording for the next album will begin. The purchase of Island Records (Polygram) by Seagram's co. in 1998 left them without a label, so the band will be seeking out a new label partnership in the coming months. In the meantime, Kenny, Joe and Lori enjoy a full schedule of live performances and working on their numerous musical side-projects. They have done extensive session work in the UK over the past 10 months, and currently live between Upstate New York and Brooklyn, NY.

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