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After only two years on the scene, Hummer has received rave reviews and positive responses from Boston's musical community; they create a sound described by local luminary, Rick Berlin, as "what the Beatles would sound like if they grew up in Seattle". Introduced to each other by their high school band director, Cantor and Mayone started writing songs together in Scarsdale, NY. Since then, they have performed individually and collectively with bands such as: Laurie Sargent, One Thin Dime, and Skavoovie and the Epitones. Billboard and Unisong have acknowledged them for their song writing skills. Stephen, a multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter, has been a featured member of Earthtunes, a group teaching environmental conservation and recycling through musical performances to Northeast schools. Daniel's music production skills have been employed by Aerosmith (Columbia), Tracy Bonham (Island), Rick Berlin (Garage Dog), and Skavoovie and the Epitones (Moon Ska). In addition, his compositions for film, theater, and multimedia have won ASCAP composer1s awards for the past six years. With the recent addition of Jonas Kahn and Brian Karp, Hummer has become a focused foursome. Jonas, a Boston native, 3creates a screaming, modern vibe with vintage sounds inspired by the guitar gods of the 601s and 701sı. He has toured with Asa Brebner and Amphibian and his photography has been embraced in the Boston scene and utilized by musicians: Jen Trynin (Warner), Dennis Brennan (Upstart), and Four Piece Suit (Capitol). Brian, originally from NYC, has toured with Letters to Cleo and the Laurie Geltman Band and plays regularly with his own band, Violet Tide. Hummer completed their first National tour in 1999 to support their CD, 3Premiumı; they play regularly in Boston clubs such as The Middle East, T.T. The Bear1s, and Toad, and at The Bitter End, CBGB1s, and The Mercury Lounge in New York City. 3Premiumı was released on Accurate Records in February of 1999. In the first two weeks of radio play, CMJ tracked the album as third most added in the Triple A category, between Van Morrison and Paul Westerberg and fifteenth most added overall with airplay on over 300 stations. NEMO has chosen them as a showcasing band two years in a row and has added their song, 3Judy Streetı to the compilation and Hummer was nominated for Debut Album of the Year (Indie Label) at the Boston Music Awards.

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