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In a moment of fortitude, back in March of 2001, Boston-based singer-songwriter-pianist Rob Gonzalez found himself in an enviable place. He became a last minute fill-in to showcase for fifty NACA college talent buyers. One twenty minute showcase later, Gonzalez had twenty-five of the fifty offering to book him on the spot-a conference record. This is one example of why critics, fans, and industry denizens are saying "Rob Gonzalez is a superbly talented musician, writer, and performer with a sound all his own and massive star potential." Indeed, Gonzalez is not your average singer-songwriter with a pretty face. Having fully supported himself performing music (without a day job) for the past ten years, it is his masterful performing skills which distinguish him from the sea of talented singer-songwriters proliferating today. A performer at heart, Gonzalez effortlessly delivers a witty, honest, heartfelt approach. Audiences swoon. Autographs and photos ensue. Raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI, Gonzalez displayed a gifted ear for music by the age of five. He impressed early piano teachers with his ability to play with heart at a young age. By his late teen years, he was performing as a guest jazz pianist in nearby college faculty concerts. A year after high school, Gonzalez got his first full-time musician job, winning an audition to join a traveling hotel resort act. In 1991, he left the group to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. Inspired by the impressive list of famous alumni, his piano playing flourished. But, the thriving Boston rock scene was an even greater inspiration and soon his love of jazz piano was taken over by an even greater love-songwriting. Gonzalez's talents and his background as a professional musician have recently caught the attention of major label producers Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul's Blender and Shawn Mullins' Beneath the Velvet Sun) and Scott Riebling (former bassist for Letters to Cleo). Both producers contributed to Gonzalez's latest album Somehow.

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