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Supachik is a girl and a band. The lead singer is Supachik and her real name is Natasha. The nickname Supachik was given to Natasha in 1996 while wearing one of her hat designs at "The Rat" (a former punk rock bar and music venue in the old "kool" Kenmore Square). Natasha always wanted to start an original rock band, and when she did she would name it Supachik. The first Supachik lineup started in 1997. "Supa" on vocals, Matt, bassist from the band Purrr, on guitar, Hans "local rocker" on bass guitar and Zack on drums (Supa's former drummer from her Blondie tribute band "Atomic Blonde"). This first lineup fizzled off... one year later, Supachik formed again. Supa on vocals, Matt, now on bass guitar, Mike Morbey "legend guitarist" on guitar and Mikey from Purrr on drums. Supachik's second lineup recorded a two song demo, featuring; "Boyfriend Bootcamp" and "Love Zombie". Love Zombie was featured on "Runt of the Litter Volume# 4", a local compilation series put out by Ron Lacer from Fan Attic records, soon after Mike Morbey left the band. Supa wouldn't lose hope for her band Supachik. She called an ad in the newspaper, it was a new production company, "Hoofed Crab Productions" looking for talent. Comically, Zack answered the line! Supa, Zack (producer) and Jon (sound genious) worked hard on Supachik's song ideas, soon many great songs were born. Zack agreed to play bass guitar for the band. That put Matt back on guitar, and Mikey on drums. Drummers changed a few times - Shawn (shiz) from "Dear Venus", Dave, from "Newborn Kings" to name a couple. Supachik recorded a six song demo with Hoofed Crab productions in Mansfield, MA in 1999. Supachik was also featured on several Boston CD compilations such as; "Twisted Rico 2000" and "Expansion 6". Supachik was one of the bands featured in the first deck of "Kaos Cards", Boston Rock band collectible fan cards. Supachik had interest from major labels, the X Games, VH-1, as well as big name producers. The band played all over Boston and New England for almost three years, Supachik had many loyal fans through the years. Many loved Supa for her colorful vocal expression, sexy yet not sleazy stage presence and her ultra charismatic personality. Early 2001, Supa decided to put Supachik to rest and try other projects. Yet, everyone kept asking for Supachik! Late in 2002, Supa met great players who were very interested in Supachik, that's when she decided to give the band another shot. The new line-up for Supachik is by far the strongest ever. Featuring; Supa on vocals, Pete from "Jet Velvet Trash" on guitar, Todd from "Dear Venus" and "The Boston Brats" on bass guitar and Steve from "The Mighty Crash" on drums. This new Supachik is so full of fire and having much fun playing together, now buring their way back into the sopotlight. So if you're feeling hot tonight... Supachik MUST be on the bill!

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