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State of Corruption

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The streets of Providence have given birth to State Of Corruption. A six-piece rap/metal band that erupted in early 1994, well before the novelty of ever tossing a rap verse and a DJ break over a heavy guitar riff. "The difference with this band is that the hip-hop edge is not a tacked on high school we started off as just two MC's and a DJ," explains King Mike L., ". back then we were making underground rap tapes and selling them in nearby record stores." Upon completion of their first single Beer For Every Man in 1994, S.O.C had created some significant waves in the local college music scene. "At that point we were ready to come out swinging." explains Fasad. " But we wanted to do it with that live band mentality." Because they had grown up together it only made sense that they didn't look to far and added close friend and guitarist Raymond "Boom-Boom" Corsini to the mix. After a couple of line up changes they also tagged Pauly P to take over on bass duties. What has made it special is that their chemistry is composed of childhood friends, which allows them to identify with one another as a family rather than a group. "But for the drummer we wanted somebody sick." Says King Mike-L. Along came local legend MLOD (Mike Lopes On Drums) who not only hammers out the acoustic kit with flair, but also adds a heavy dose of electronic flavor. With the line up now complete, S.O.C released their first full length CD Back Room Sauce. Which created not only a lot of local interest, but also ignited an intense touring schedule of the North East. Landing them shows with Biohazard, Godsmack, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, Sevendust and Staind. What developed was a loyal following of "Corrupted MuthaFuckas" that stretches from Maine straight down through New York and beyond. Their much anticipated sophomore release, The Great Hype Agenda, proves that their style of music is not one-dimensional. Complementing street-smart lyrics, well executed samples and scratches, laid out over phat guitar driven songs leave you with a recipe for a great album. S.O.C has evolved, but the live show is still where it's at, delivering on stage what they put down on record. Whether your listening to the head bobbing, feet stomping, political angst of Under The Table, or to the high energy, jump-up-and-down, band anthem Showstopper, right down to the grinded out, yet melodic Certified. This album will have you hooked. "Life is unfair, life is corrupt, and if we have anything to say about it, it's gonna get worse."

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