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Lucas Shine

Lead by Peter Hutchinson of Subduing Mars, and Ray Neal of Miracle Legion, this offspring band has caught the attention of many in the New York region, and has won acclaim for their album "Lucas Shine & his exquisite corpse. Michael Toland of Pop Culture Press writes that "Lucas Shine is one of those rare side projects that stands up to the parent bands..a kind of mixture of Miracle Legion's warm folk/rock/pop and Subduing Mara's songs and emotional intensity. Mr. Ray's furry guitar licks support illuminate Hutchinson acoustic rhythms and unusually restrained vocals in a way that makes for excellent tunes..This record is..a full-bodied being." Ray Neal has been a well-sought-after studio musician for many years, and has worked on projects with Micheal Stipe (REM), and The JellyShirts.

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