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Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is an energetic rap- band from Oulu, Finland. Comin' at'cha and you can't stop it! The band was founded in the summer 1998 and there are four MC's in it. Lion-J is finnish and Dudiman, Giza and Lazy-D come from Mitrovica, Kosova. They have been living in Finland for eight years. Tidal Wave wants to make songs from as many different perspectives of life as possible. They have songs about havin' fun and hangin' with the gang, but also songs about the war in Kosova, love, the brutality of the modern world, power of the money etc. And the crowd goes wild! Tidal Wave is pretty young band, but it has already been performin' with many famous finnish artists, like Nylon Beat, A-Tyyppi, Embraze, Ville Pusa, Nuera, Murmur Recordings etc.

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