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Six Going On Seven

Six Going on Seven's current lineup first appeared in 1995 under the name Puppet Show. Clearly, the band had seen Spinal Tap. The name Six Going on Seven was inspired by drummer Will Bartlett's nephew, who happened to be six years old going on seven at the time. It was a humble beginning, but with the first show under their belts and armed with a new name, the Sixes were hungry for more. The next gig was with big deal indie rockers Girls Against Boys, a considerable step up. That show led to a seven-inch on Boston based Hydrahead records. Word of this great new band soon spread to New York, and caught the attention of Some Records, a then incipient label started by Walter Schreifels of Quicksand, Sam Siegler from CIV and friend Matt Pincus. Some viewed Six Going on Seven as its dream come true: a trio whose singer played bass (the Police?) with the energy of a midwestern emo-core outfit and the singing and songwriting ability of a truly great indie band. Meeting through a mutual friend, Boston producer Brian Mcternan (Texas is the Reason, Promise Ring), Some and the Sixes hit it right off. Mcternan recorded the band's first album for the label in September 1997 at ex-Skid Row member Dave "the Snake" Sabo's studio in New Jersey. Self-Made Mess received rave reviews, backed up by strong national record sales. With a solid album to support, the band took the show on the road, doing two national tours, playing dates along the way with the The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World as well as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rocket From the Crypt.

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