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Assembled by former TV-commercial producer Ivan Shapovalov after auditioning 100s of candidates at Moscow's Mostfilm studios, Tatu (aka Taty) comprised Julia Olegovna Volkova (aka Julia Volkova; born 1985) and Elena Sergeevna Katina (aka Lena Katina; born 1984). Named after an internationally fashionable word, the teen-pop duo delivered captivating melodies and controversial lyrics and Tatu signed up to Universal Music Russia on May 16, 2001. Their debut single, "Ya Soshla s Uma," (I've Lost My Mind), based on a story about a lesbian affair between two young girls, became their first smash, gaining international exposure through MTV (Top Five on the most requested videos chart). After issuing a second single called "Nas Ne Dogoniat," (They Won't Catch Us), their album 200 Po Ustrechnoi (Driving 200 Miles in the Opposite Lane) was locally released. Drago Bonacich

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