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Lisa Marie Presley

On her debut album, Lisa Marie Presley emerges as a brooding but less pretentious Fiona Apple. Four years in the making, To Whom It May Concern may even be strong enough to make tabloid readers forget that Elvis's baby girl was briefly married to Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson. Helping Presley make the transition from Graceland princess to hopeful pop star are producers Andrew Slater and Eric Rosse, who have worked with Apple and Tori Amos, respectively, and give the disc an ambient, modern-rock sound. Thus, To Whom It May Concern bristles with Presley's rich, burnished voice, which has a husky, Cher-like quality and carries songs such as the guitar-driven, Wallflowers-esque "Lights Out" (on which she eerily sings about her Memphis roots) and the ethereal, string-laced "Nobody Noticed It." Elsewhere, Presley's edgy vocals suggest the noir-ish tone of Mazzy Star on "So Lovely" and the snarling, brutal self-analysis of "S.O.B." Far from being a vanity project, To Whom It May Concern is a winning personal statement that does the Presley legacy proud. Dave Gil de Rubio

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