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Hank Dogs
Alternative Folk

The Hank Dogs are one of the most intriguing roots-based groups performing in the U.K. today. Effortlessly fusing folk and country elements with what can only be described as a hardened grace, this, their debut record, succeeds on many levels. One of the most striking things about this record is the veritable gene-spliced brother/sisterhood that engulfs virtually all of the cuts. This is primarily due to the group members themselves. Comprised of guitarists/singers Andy and 'Piano', and rounded out by Lily on drums and vocals, who is Andy's daughter from another marriage (are you following this?), the harmony singing on this record is positively staggering. In fact, it's probably some of the finest vocal performances in this idiom during this decade. The songwriting is also spectacular. Dark and soulful at the same time, Bareback is one of the greatest folk debuts of this year. The scary thing is that they just may get better. Matthew Greenwald

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