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Lonesome Strangers
Alternative Folk

This sophomore effort by one of California's most influential bands not only brought them fame, if not fortune, but also helped them build a strong following that continues to support their efforts. Fronted by the brotherly harmonies of Randy Weeks and Jeff Rymes, the Lonesome Strangers borrowed from such great brother duos as the Stanley Brothers, the Delmores and the Everlys while bringing a fresh and harder edged perspective to their rock & roll hillbilly style. Their remake of Johnny Horton's "Goodbye Lonesome, Hello Baby Doll" brought the country music industry to attention. Adding a Buddy Holly twist, the very hillbilly "Daddy's Gone Gray" takes things to a whole new level. "We Used to Fuss" recalls the humor that old-time country music and Buck Owens made so pleasing. As for ballads, "Clementine" and "Oh My Train" are bittersweet and executed with genuine feeling. Also good is their crack cover of a Delmore Brothers' standard, "Lay Down My Old Guitar," "Don't Back Down" and the almost morose "Another Fool like Me." Simply put, every cut counts. With production credits going to friend and some-time Lonesome Stranger Wyman Reese and HighTone mogul Bruce Bromberg and the mixing handled by another intimate and major California player Dusty Wakeman, this second Lonesome Strangers project is ground-breaking. Jana Pendragon

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