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Boosters dubbed this ethereal Brit combo "dream-pop," a term that fit rather snugly, given the apparently hermetically sealed universe that created its sound. Slowdive occupied a spot somewhere between the finespun sweetness of the Cocteau Twins and the lurching aggression of My Bloody Valentine, while revealing a more human side than either. That trait stemmed largely from the vulnerable boy-girl harmonies crafted by Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell -- which reach dizzying heights on "Spanish Air." Although the album is cocooned in multitracked guitars, the effect is never as cold as the output of some of Slowdive's peers. In fact, on "Catch the Breeze," the atmosphere is as inviting as an Iberian beach. Halstead and Goswell split Slowdive in the mid-'90s and have since re-emerged with a band called Mojave 3. David Sprague

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