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Single Gun Theory

Flawlessly executed tracks brushed with Indian, Turkish, and South-East Asian sounds punctuate Single Gun Theory's lush dance grooves: one that ultimately fails to convey the depth suggested by the new age themes and multicultural music. Kath Power's lyrics are emotive, yet Jacqui Hunt's vocals cast a veil of detachment on proceedings; a tendency successfully pushed to the limit in the rarefied ballad "Great Palaces of Immortal Splendour." The coldness dissipates during the sample-laden singles "I Am What I See" and "From a Million Miles," but aptly sounds almost psychotic on "Man of Straw." Like Stars in My Hands... brought national prominence to the trio in Australia, and their sampled, catchy style lent itself well to film -- several of these tracks found there way onto Australian soundtracks while "I Am What I See" was used as the theme for the ABC-TV's Review program. Like Stars in My Hands... makes an excellent introduction to Single Gun Theory's dance before the follow-up Flow, River of My Soul would mark a more laid-back ethereal direction. ~ Brendan Swift, All Music Guide

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