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The Helio Sequence

Constituting in the late '90s, in Portland, OR, Helio Sequence united the efforts of vocalist and guitarist Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel (keyboards, drums). Defining their sound path amidst the noise pop and indie rock styles, Helio Sequence acknowledges influences advanced by the creations of bands like My Bloody Valentine or XTC. Following the union of their mutual musical talents, the duo dedicated the following time to the self-production and mastering of their debut disc, the EP Accelerated Slow-Motion Cinema, offered in 1999. Raising a recognizable fan base all across the local underground music scene, mostly due to the group's moving and lively shows, Sequence decided to devote the following six months to the completion of a new record. Com Plex, the duo's debut album, arrived in 2000 through the Cavity Search records label, substantiating the Sequence's recognition. One year after, and again thanks to a self-producing and recording venture, Helio Sequence delivered its second full-length disc, Young Effectuals. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges, All Music Guide

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