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Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence is a sleek trance DJ who's risen to the top of the field -- in America, at least -- and helmed several mix albums as well as produced his own work and remixed others. Before he'd been DJing for more than a few years, Lawrence released the 1997 mix album Rise on the Fragrant label. One year later, he signed a production contract with the respected Scottish label Hook Recordings, and watched as "Navigator" and "Shredder" became proper British club hits, extending his name and resum‚ across the globe. During 1999, he released two more mix albums, Temptation (for City of Angels) and the label retrospective Hook Recordings. Signed to the American mix label Moonshine Music, Lawrence delivered his fourth collection, Trilogy, Part One: Empire, in 2000; United States of Trance on Moonshine followed shortly after. John Bush

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