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Multi-talented North Wales native Sasha has become one of the world's most renowned and popular DJs. Starting out in the late '80s as a club DJ, he got his first big break when he was hired by the noted dance club Shelly's to spin and rework popular sounds of the day. It was there that the young DJ found fame with the dance and house crowd, but it wasn't until he started laying down his grooves at Renaissance that he become known nationally and, eventually, globally. His sound and technique become so popular that a Renaissance compilation was released, one of the very first DJ mix albums to ever hit the record stores. It was while still at Renaissance that Sasha met another DJ, John Digweed. The two became a remixing team and soon released the first volume of their Northern Exposure series (a mix album that also functioned as a collection of the duo's remixes for others). The duo toured behind the release, visiting the U.S., Australia, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Sasha refuses to limit himself to DJ work, however; he collaborated with singer Maria Naylor on the Top 20 hit "Be as One," and remixed tracks from such popular artists as the Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, and M-People. He also formed his own record company, Excession Recordings, and wrote originals for Deconstruction. In late 1997, another Sasha/John Digweed compilation appeared, Northern Exposure 2, available in both East Coast and West Coast versions (each contained completely different songs). He's released several mix albums on his own as well, including two volumes in the Global Underground series (from San Francisco and Ibiza). A rare production release, the Xpander EP, became a dancefloor hit in 1999. The mix album, Communicate, followed a year later. In 2002, he scored an American record deal with Kinetic and released Airdrawndagger. [See Also: Sasha + John Digweed] Greg Prato

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