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Following in the footsteps of former DJs at New York's WKTU radio station such as Hex Hector and David Morales, the Riddler hosted the city's number-one dance radio show during the early 2000s while also working for Tommy Boy Records. Born Richard Pangilinan in Chicago, the Riddler moved to Texas as a youth and began DJing in 1987. Before long he became a Billboard club reporter and DJed at many of the state's top radio stations for dance music: 104 KRBE in Houston, 98.7 KHFI in Austin, and 102 KTFM in San Antonio. In November 1995, he moved to New York and began working for Tommy Boy. The Riddler began to DJ on New York radio stations as well, beginning with Z100 WHTZ and eventually WKTU, where he hosted the city's top mix show. During the early 2000s, he mixed CDs of the latest and most popular club hits for Strictly Hype (Club Series) and Tommy Boy (Dance Mix NYC), furthering his reputation among the dance community. The third volume in his Dance Mix NYC series was out in early 2003. Jason Birchmeier

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