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Herrmann und Kleine

Thaddi Herrmann (ex-Sonic Subjunkies) and Christian Kleine have been working together since 1999, joining forces to produce the most introspective and emotional music that either has been involved with. With influences ranging from hip-hop to synth pop to the blurry atmospherics of early '90s shoegaze bands like Slowdive and Pale Saints, the two make songs that are too pop to be strictly categorized as IDM. 1999 saw the release of the Transalpin EP on Herrmann's Berlin-based City Centre Offices label. In 2000, the duo joined up with Morr Music for The Kickboard Girl EP. Meanwhile, Kleine continued working on his solo projects while Herrmann continued his editorial duties with de:bug, the most prominent German magazine dedicated to electronic music. Our Noise, the duo's strong debut LP, was issued on Morr in 2002. Andy Kellman

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