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Plug aka. Luke Vibert Luke Vibert, who had previously provided the links between trip-hop and the intelligent/ambient wing with material recorded as Wagon Christ, did the same to jungle/drum'n'bass with his releases as Plug. During 1995-96, long before notable gear-heads began experimenting with breakbeats, Vibert released three EPs of rangy, schizoid drill'n'bass for the British label Rising High. Later in 1996, the Plug LP Drum'n'bass for Papa appeared on Blue Planet. One year later, Nothing/Interscope -- the label headed by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor -- gave it an American release and Vibert remixed a NIN single as well. Perhaps fearing a potential breakthrough in the States, Vibert returned to the Wagon Christ alias in 1998. [See Also: Wagon Christ, Luke Vibert] John Bush

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