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Scott Henry

While one may not instantly assume the Washington, D.C., area a breeding ground for talented DJs and renowned clubs, in fact, Scott Henry has made the area his stomping ground, with both his highly populated DJ performances and his legendary clubs. Like many other electronic dance music artists from the D.C. area -- Deep Dish, John Selway, BT, Charles Feelgood -- Henry first became infatuated by the many early rave events occurring on the East Coast. Yet even before these experiences he had been already spinning records since being a freshman at Towson State College near Baltimore, MD, in 1985. In 1990, he had moved on to techno and house, ultimately forming a weekly event called Orbit with Feelgood, which lasted until 1992. Next came Fever, a still-running weekly party in Baltimore featuring world-class DJing talent. Henry didn't stop there, though, also starting the more ambitious Friday night event known as Buzz in D.C. This gigantic event draws clientele from up and down the East Coast with some of the best DJ-lineups imaginable. Of course, all the while Henry has been improving his DJing skills, often known to drift from breaks to funky techno and from progressive house to the occasional dose of trance, as captured on his Ultra Records debut mix, Buzz: The Sound of the Nation's Capitol. ~ Jason Birchmeier , All Music Guide

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