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Trance Allstars

Trance Allstars emerged in 2000 as an electronic project by two German labels specialized in dance music. Sunbeam (aka Miss Shiva), ex-Sequential One ATB (born André Tanneberger), and DJ/producer and publisher Talla 2XLC from Kontor Records joined Mirko Von Schlieffen and Christopher Von Deylen (aka Schiller), DJ Mellow D (born Christian Scharnweber; aka Mellow Trax), and DJ Taucher (born Ralf Armand Beck) from Polydor/Zeitgeist. Their self-titled debut album featured the club/dance hits "The First Rebirth," and "Ready to Flow." In 2002, they returned after the slew of singles that followed their debut. First emerging with the "Lost in Love" single, they released Synergy II that fall on Ultra Records. Drago Bonacich

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