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Paul Brogden made a name for himself as P.O.B. and became one of the progressive house scene's most celebrated producers in the late '90s/early 2000s. He remixed some of the era's most enduring anthems: Bedrock's "Heaven Scent," Slacker's "Scared," Raze's "Break for Love," Sasha's "Magic," and Anomoly's "Calling Your Name." And he released well-known tracks such as "Bluebottle" and "Fly," the former featured in the film Groove and the latter featured on Sasha's Global Underground: Ibiza album. Brogden collaborated with others on many of his productions, including such esteemed producers as Patrick Reid and Taylor. The first full-length P.O.B. release came in late 2001, Essence. Jason Birchmeier

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