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Originally shrouded in mystery, the artist known as Luomo released a series of acclaimed ambient dub-house 12" EPs in 2000 before finally being revealed as an alias for prolific Finnish producer Vladislav Delay. This series of EPs -- Native, Livingston, Carter -- fit perfectly in line with the aesthetic attributed to the fledging Force Inc affiliate, Force Tracks; characterized by an elegant style of dub bass line-driven house with an ambient edge to it, this aesthetic was soon championed by numerous DJs looking for a deep, slick style of house that didn't comply with the traditional house sound. At first, the records had been attributed to a fictional producer called Luukas Onnekas, it wasn't until the end of 2000 when Force Tracks packaged the three EPs into a full-length album, Vocalcity, that they finally revealed the fact that these records were the product of Delay, a prolific producer known best at the time for his ambient techno-dub records released on Chain Reaction. After the critically acclaimed release of this full-length, Force Tracks released a four-track EP featuring remixes of "Tessio" by some of Delay's house-dub peers such as M.R.I. Jason Birchmeier

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