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Moving from a supporting keyboard role with Bj”rk and Galliano to put out her own record on Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records, Leila is the rare female electronica songwriter that doesn't sing, choosing instead for her album Like Weather to use vocals from friends and even her own sister. Born in Iran, she spent part of her childhood there but was forced to flee to London with her family. She became interested in DJing as well as keyboards, and left college to play with Bj”rk on her first album, 1994's Debut. Leila graduated to sound engineer for the second Bj”rk LP, and began setting up her own home studio. Signed to Rephlex Records for a solo album, she released the single "Don't Fall Asleep" in 1997 and Like Weather the following year. Love Story appeared in 1999. John Bush

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