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Receiver became one of the leading lights of the Los Angeles-based power pop movement in the late '90s and early 2000s on the strength of their classicist but fresh Big Star and Badfinger-inspired rock & roll. Their carefully manicured 2001 debut, Inspiration Overload, subsequently became an almost instant cult classic. Receiver was initially conceived in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ken West at the urging of longtime friend and scenester Robbie Rist. West, who replaced then-18-year-old guitarist Jason Falkner in the Barking Spiders (who would later become Upsy Daisy) had been inactive for the better part of the previous decade. But during the off time, West took to writing over 50 songs and two of them, "Wind Up Girl" and "Faster," would end up on the band's debut. Receiver's lineup began to take shape in 1999 when West met Kerry Chicoine of Kompost at a record release party for the Wondermints' Bali. They began performing together, releasing an EP under the name Kickstand, and enlisting the help of friends Lisa Mychols of the Masticators and Wil O'Brien of the Andersons to fill in on drums and guitar. In 2000, the band changed their name to Receiver to avoid conflicts with similarly named acts and settled on a permanent lineup, including Don Mogill (of the Dons) on guitar and notable rock journalist John Borack on drums. The band then embarked on several tours, including International Pop Overthrow appearances. Jason Damas

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