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Ulf Langheinrich

As one-half of Viennese multimedia performance group Granular-Synthesis, Ulf Langheinrich explores the interface of time, vision, technology, and subjectivity, bringing these components into uneasy proximity in order to foreground relationships of codetermination. A featured artist at world renowned exhibitions and festivals such as Japan's Nagoya Biennale and Austria's Ars Electronica, Granular-Synthesis (which includes Langheinrich and co-producer Kurt Hentschlager) were introduced to American audiences in 1996 via the New York-based Asphodel label's Recombinant tour, during which the group presented its audiovisual work-in-progress, "Motion Control" -- an arresting, multi-panel projection of the face of Japanese performance artist Akemi Takeya digitally manipulated and reorganized to suggest a sort of hyperkinetic stasis. Asphodel sublabel Sombient subsequently released a solo work by Langheinrich; titled Degrees of Amnesia, the 72-minute CD presents 13 wonderfully varied digital ambient landscapes utilizing, among other software-based production techniques, granular synthesis -- a method of digital sound design whereby sounds are reduced to their smallest possible quanta, or "grains," and organized and manipulated to achieve otherwise unattainable levels of sonic depth and detail. Sean Cooper

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