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Brooklyn duo Semiautomatic is composed of Akiko Carver and DJ Rop Style, aka Rop Vasquez. Vasquez previously spent time in the Lefties, Rice, and the PeeChees. Carver, in addition to devoting himself to the duo's music, is a graphic artist. Early in 2000, 5 Rue Christine/Kill Rock Stars issued the duo's eponymous debut album. The Vex Records release The Trebuchet was the group's sophomore effort and Vasquez and Carver supported the album with a tour of the U.S. in 2001. Semiautomatic followed up with Resident Genius in the spring of 2002. Carver, who is also an animator, directed a Claymation video for the song "The Ballad of Puss Puss." The video made an appearance on the West Coast during the NAATA San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival. Linda Seida

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