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Shea Seger

With a voice that at times recalls the delicate vulnerability of Olivia Newton John, the sultry swagger of Sheryl Crow, the direct irony of Ani DiFranco, and the willowy keen of Tori Amos, Shea Seger debuted in October 2000 with the British release of The May Street Project. Positive press there predated the album's summer 2001 release in the U.S. by RCA. Shea was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in the nearby small town of Quitman, TX, and musically educated by her father's diverse record collection (she claims everyone from Curtis Mayfield to Pink Floyd as early influences). She had played piano since the age of two, wrote songs as a youth, and initially pursued a career in the musical theater. But by 1998 she had decided to strike out on her own, and after moving to London's hip West End, hooked up with producer Martin Terefe and songwriter Nick Whitecross to further develop her songwriting. The May Street Project was the result, a combination of heavy modern percussion, singer/songwriter intimacy, bluesy drawl, and effortless pop hooks. An eclectic effort, it was as much a testament to Terefe's post-modern heavy pop production style as to Seger's emerging talent. The album's first single, "Clutch," was released to American radio in May. The May Street Project hit record stores on June 5, 2001, and included a duet on the tune "Always" with Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith. John Duffy

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