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The Prayer Boat

With the confessional, dramatic style of singer and primary songwriter Emmett Tinley, Irish group the Prayer Boat has drawn comparisons to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Travis. The group released their stateside debut, Polichinelle, in 2000 -- though they had been together since the late '80s. The Prayer Boat, named after a spiritual festival that draws millions to the Ganges River in India, started in County Wicklow, Ireland, in 1987. The band signed to RCA in 1989, releasing its debut, Oceanic Feeling, in 1991. The album was received well critically but sold poorly. Shortly afterward, the group moved to Glasgow and in 1994 signed to Almo Sounds, an independent label started by A&M founders Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss. The Bury This Thing EP, produced by Dick Meaney (My Bloody Valentine, Beth Orton), followed shortly afterward. The 1995 single "Dark Green" became a hit for the group, while 1996's "Saved" won them the Coca-Cola's Best Unsigned Irish Band award. 1998 saw the release of Polichinelle in Europe. The album hit the States in 2000, drawing accolades from the likes of Billboard, among others. ~ Erik Hage, All Music Guide

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